Tesco steering wheel! The picture above is a wheel showing what tesco tries to achieve, and heres each section in detail Finance Grow sales, for the obvious reasons to increase profit Maximise profit, which would be linked to the grow sales Manage our investment, meaning each individual store can manage there selves, in effect causing the headquarters less hassle People An opportunity to get on, this benefits the employee's as a chance for promotion An intresting job, if they enjoy their job, they will be more positive and act more friendly towards customers A manager who helps me, if a employee feels like they can get help, they will feel happy with working at the company and perform to there best To be treated well, if the employee feels well treated they will continue working at the company and perform at there best Operations We always save time and money, This is cost affective as the organisation doesn't spend money on un-needed items and time affective as the staff aren't wasting time on un-needed duties We know how vital our jobs are, the organisation will like to keep its customers satisfied so then they might tell how great it is to work there in affect more customers attracted We make our jobs easier to do, this benefits both employee and organisation as if there job is more accomplishable then they will be happy to work at tesco's this could also attract customers it benefits the organisation as they keep all employees and no time and money wasted We deliver consistentley everyday, This keeps customers happy if their getting their deliverys on time or even before they may pass on the word to other once again not finished :L


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